Is ProPresenter Worth The Cost? Visual Media For Churches

ProPresenter is one of the most commonly used presentation software for churches across the world. But, just because the software benefits other churches, it doesn’t mean it is worth the cost for yours.

In general, ProPresenter is worth the cost to churches. With that being said, some churches may not need all of the features ProPresenter offers. ProPresenter has many valuable features and extensive support but comes with significant financial investment.

The value of ProPresenter is unique to each church, keep reading as I explain why the visual media software may or may not be worth the cost to your church.

Why Many Churches Use ProPresenter

ProPresenter is used by churches across the globe every single week. It’s a streamlined and professional presentation software that allows churches to display engaging visuals for their congregations. Although ProPresenter has a long list of features that is only growing with every update, some key features have convinced many churches to make the switch.

One of the main reasons churches choose ProPresenter is for its professional aesthetic. From worship lyrics to sermon visuals, if you can think it, you can make it happen with ProPresenter. It has advanced graphics capabilities and seamless transitions. This software enables churches to create stunning visuals for their in-house media and live stream simultaneously.

Despite the large number of features and settings in ProPresenter, it’s easy to navigate due to the intuitive user interface. Many churches rely on volunteers to operate their tech team every Sunday, which is why it’s so important to reduce the learning curve whenever possible. Once the basics are mastered, it gets easier to continue to add to your knowledge base.

Churches today have begun to integrate different forms of media into their services. ProPresenter makes this easy to do with its multimedia integration. Lyrics, images, and videos are all seamlessly integrated allowing churches to create dynamic and visually appealing presentations that help to engage congregants.

One of the most game-changing ProPresenter features is live output control. This feature comes in handy for large churches or churches with multiple screens scattered around the building. Live output control enables churches to project content onto multiple screens at once, including a confidence monitor for those on stage.

For churches that use clicks and cues for their worship teams, ProPresenter offers timed elements and cues. This feature means churches can synchronize lyrics with worship teams running on a click track.

Consistency and easy setup are incredibly important when running weekly services. ProPresenter’s ability to create templates allows churches to maintain a consistent look across services and to set up their presentations efficiently beforehand.

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Some Considerations About ProPresenter

Switching to ProPresenter is a commitment, it’s a decision that should not be made without first considering both short-term and long-term effects. Before making the switch, read the following section carefully and decide if any of these points about ProPresenter are dealbreakers.

The first thing to consider is that ProPresenter is a financial investment. It isn’t a one-time purchase for many churches. Continued updates and support will cost you down the road. For a larger church with a sufficient budget, this may not be an issue but, for a smaller church, consider both the initial and long-term costs involved with ProPresenter.

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ProPresenter’s user-friendly interface helps lessen the learning curve but doesn’t eliminate it. Churches that rely significantly on volunteers or staff who are new to presentation software need to consider the time and resources needed for training. Staff members’ hours spent learning the software will be a monetary cost. Volunteer training hours, though not costing your church money, are also valuable and should be considered.

To use ProPresenter to its fullest extent, you’ll need to consider its hardware requirements. Renewed Vision, the company that created ProPresenter, recommends a Mac that runs MacOS Monterey or a Windows PC that has a minimum Intel i3 (or AMD equivalent) processor for a single 1080i output in ProPresenter. Smaller churches with tight tech budgets will need to consider the potential need to upgrade their computer should they choose to switch to ProPresenter.

ProPresenter’s commitment to regular updates is a double-edged sword. While updates bring new features and improvements, they may also introduce compatibility issues or changes that require adjustments to existing presentations. Churches will also have to pay to upgrade ProPresenter. For example, to upgrade from ProPresenter 6 to 7 a single seat upgrade will cost $399 USD.

The limited duration of ProPresenter’s free trial may be challenging for churches trying out the software. The free version of ProPresenter has no time limit, but cannot be used to present without a watermark. It is possible to try ProPresenter with an audience utilizing RenewedVision’s two-week free trial, available by request in the ProPresenter application.

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Is ProPresenter Right For Your Church?

Now that you’ve read why many churches across the world choose to use ProPresenter every week and also some constraints when using the software, the only question left is this; is ProPresenter right for your church? Every church values things like time and money differently, so there is no easy way to come to a yes or no conclusion. Though some characteristics about your church may mean ProPresenter could be a good fit.

The first thing you should consider is your church’s multimedia needs. If your church is constantly looking to use videos, images, lyrics, or dynamic backgrounds in its services, ProPresenter may be a good fit. ProPresenter is hands down the best software for handling the multimedia needs of churches.

Next, consider the size of your church and its current tech setup. The size of your church both in congregation members and physical space will play a significant role in your decision-making process. For large churches with multiple displays, ProPresenter’s live output control will be very valuable. For a smaller church with a single output, this feature will not used to its fullest extent.

The one factor that could restrict you from switching to ProPresenter is your church’s budget. While ProPresenter comes with a cost, churches must weigh this against the value it brings to the worship experience. For a large church with lots of financial resources, this may not be an issue. A smaller church with a tight budget needs to decide if the benefits it gets from ProPresenter are more valuable than the money it spends on the software.

Another consideration is your church’s staff and volunteer base. Tech teams will need to learn new software and integrate it into your church’s existing setup. If your pastors are in charge of their sermon slides, they will also see a switch in their workflow. Churches considering the switch to ProPresenter need to be committed to providing training and support to their staff and volunteers. Proper training and protocols will minimize issues during live services.

The final consideration you need to make is your church’s long-term planning for updates and upgrades. You may have room in your budget now for a ProPresenter licence, but will you have room when it comes time to upgrade? While minor updates are typically included in your initial purchase, major upgrades and updates will cost your church hundreds of dollars. Churches should factor these potential costs into their long-term budget planning to ensure continued access to the latest features and improvements.

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Jeremy Goh

Jeremy grew up volunteering at church and has also worked in a church setting. Along with working as a freelance creative, Jeremy is studying for a business degree in finance and international business.

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