Is ProPresenter Right For Your Church? The Pros & Cons

ProPresenter is a popular software program designed specifically for churches and other organizations that need to display multimedia presentations, particularly during worship services.

ProPresenter is a strong media presentation software designed for churches. The program is easy to use, has lots of integration options, is live stream capable, and has a strong support centre. However, ProPresenter is quite expensive and has a steep learning curve to start using.

It offers many features that can be useful for churches but also has some drawbacks. Not every feature is going to be useful for all settings, and not every drawback will be a dealbreaker for your church. It is important to understand these features and drawbacks to know if ProPresenter is the right fit for you.

Pros Of Using ProPresenter


One of the most significant advantages of ProPresenter is its ease of use. Admittedly, ProPresenter can be quite challenging to get everything set up for the first time, especially if you want to use the program to its full capability. There are many helpful tutorials and resources online to guide users through the process of creating presentations.

Once everything is set up ahead of your service, however, the program is quite intuitive and user-friendly, even for those who have little or no experience with multimedia presentations. The interface is straightforward with volunteers in mind. There are even tutorials online directed at new tech volunteers that are just simply running the presentation during a church service.


One of ProPresenter’s greatest strengths is the power it gains through its integration options. ProPresenter users that also utilize CCLI SongSelect or Planning Center Services, are able to log in to their account within the program and import their songs, slides, and announcements directly.

The CCLI SongSelect integration allows users to import the lyrics into ProPresenter. All you need to do is simply type the Song ID number from SongSelect. You will then be able to customize the arrangements or make any revisions to the lyrics, if needed.

Using the Planning Center Services integration allows users to automatically import the entire order of service directly into ProPresenter. By importing, users will have a full playlist for that church service with every item on the service plan. This includes songs, sermon notes/slides, and any announcements. This tool can save tons of time in prep and ensures nothing gets forgotten.

ProPresenter also has integration options with MultiTracks and Resi.


More and more churches are recognizing the immense value of live streaming their services to make their services more accessible and reach a broader audience. ProPresenter makes this process incredibly simple. The program is able to handle multiple audio channels as well as live video, making it easy to create a fantastic-looking live stream feed with graphic overlays.

ProPresenter also has an integration with the live-stream distributor, Resi. Resi makes it simple to send your live stream to multiple locations and reduces any challenges you have due to poor internet. Resi further works easily within ProPresenter, making it easy for volunteers to use.


The developer of ProPresenter, Renewed Vision, has an incredibly strong support system. Their website has lots of tutorials to help with setting up the program as well as fixing any problems that may arise.

If their tutorials do not work, you are able to reach out to their support team via chat, email, or phone. If you have an urgent issue prior to a service, they have been known to respond quickly within an hour. Less urgent requests are typically responded to within one business day.

It is important to note that access to the Renewed Vision support team requires a ProPresenter+ membership, currently priced at an annual price of $179. Without this subscription, you will have to rely on free resources like their tutorials to resolve any challenges.

Cons Of Using ProPresenter


ProPresenter currently costs $399 for a single-seat lifetime license. While ProPresenter can be cost-effective compared to other multimedia presentation software programs, it is still an added expense for churches that are already operating on a tight budget. This can be a significant disadvantage for smaller churches or those that are just starting out.

While ProPresenter has a significant upfront cost, it is a single purchase, unlike some programs that follow an annual subscription model. Further, there are very few alternatives to ProPresenter that are cheaper and still useable for church services.

Learning Curve

While ProPresenter is easy to use once you become familiar with the program, there is a bit of a steep learning curve involved in getting started. This can be challenging for churches that do not have a lot of experience with multimedia presentations. ProPresenter is unlike traditional media presentation software like PowerPoint and can become quite daunting for a new volunteer trying to get started.

The initial learning curve can be steep; however, once volunteers have learnt the program after a few service run-throughs, they find ProPresenter’s user interface quite easy to navigate. This stresses the importance of strong training for volunteers using the program for the first time.

Resource Intensive

ProPresenter can be resource-intensive, particularly when running multiple displays or live video feeds. This means that churches may need to invest in higher-end hardware, such as a powerful computer or graphics card, to ensure that ProPresenter runs smoothly during worship services.

If you are only using ProPresenter for one or two display options with no live streaming, most computers should be able to handle the computing load sufficiently. If you begin live streaming or running more than three display types, it is important to test your setup running fully for extended periods of time (20+ min.). If your computer begins to slow down, ensure no other background tasks are running.

Tech Issues

Using a complex program during a live event naturally introduces the possibility of frustrating tech issues. ProPresenter is no exception. Being such a resource-intensive program, computers are known to crash, and other various glitches can occur. While Renewed Vision’s support system is strong, this is hardly helpful when halfway through a church service.

Programs such as PowerPoint or Keynote are more stable than ProPresenter but for good reason. These presentation programs are significantly less powerful, with fewer features for churches to use.

Brady Ash

Brady grew up in the church and is now serving as an Assistant Pastor at his home church. He has worked in various leadership positions in church production and is now pursuing his M.A. in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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