About Jeremy Goh


My Story

I am a professional photographer and videographer who works with churches, businesses, and individual clients, but one of my favourite things to do is travel photography. I love travelling the world and capturing God’s Creation everywhere I go.

Along with photography, I also work as a freelance videographer specifically in church and charitable organization settings. My favourite aspect of videography is telling stories by using different shooting and editing techniques.

A key skill that goes hand-in-hand with videography is audio mixing. I have spent time working contracted roles mixing both live and pre-recorded church services. I’ve always had a love for worship music, so even while I’m on the clock it never feels like work!

I come from a musical family so I grew up serving on lots of different worship teams. I love learning new instruments, learning music theory, and listening to worship music. One of my favourite things to do is to listen to other musicians cover worship songs, I am always amazed at the creativity and talent I find while browsing YouTube.

I am currently undergoing a bachelor’s in business administration with dual concentrations in finance and international business. Though it may seem unrelated to church production, my business program has taught me essential skills like how to create and lead functional teams and how to plan and prep efficiently. The single most important lesson I have learned as a student is to be constantly learning; no matter what level you are at, there is always more to learn.

As I mentioned above, aside from work and school, I love to travel the world! You’ll notice lots of the pictures featured in my articles are from landmarks around the world. I love capturing different cultures globally with photography.


Here are some of my favourite photos that I have taken either for client shoots or while travelling the world!