About Brady Ash


My Story

Recently, I have begun working in church and other Christian organizations. I love helping churches and other Christ-centered organizations reach people online through well-designed and prayer-filled content. For me, making worship services available online is much more than “producing content.” Rather, it is about creating a community of believers that all wish to become more like Jesus.

Largely, I have worked in a producer role in my tech jobs. I have helped create systems and develop leaders on how to do digital ministry. Like any ministry, it is best done in community, not by yourself because you are the “tech guy.”

I have recently begun shifting away from digital ministry to pastoral work. Today, I am blessed to be currently serving as an Assistant Pastor part-time at my home church while I finish up my M.A. in Christian Leadership from Dallas Theological Seminary. I love helping people learn more about who God is through the Scriptures and Creation, and ultimately, grow in their relationship with Him.